We believe poverty should not be a barrier to healthy foods


To improve the health of under-served communities by increasing affordable access to healthy food.

A young mother who is in college, has a toddler daughter and receives EBT was thrilled, nearly to the point of tears when she found out about the PP program. She is desperate to eat and feed her daughter well, and the PP program helps her tremendously in this endeavor.

QuoteYoung mother, Cheviot, OH

A mother of three was rationing fruit. With PP vouchers, she was able to have enough fruit and vegetables for all of her children for the week.

QuoteMother of 3, Dayton, OH

A woman who was buying just a few items asked if PP vouchers would work. When she found out the would, she then bought produce items (she didn’t have any in her basket) and was amazed at the way the program works.

QuoteEBT shopper, Cincinnati, OH

My family has consumed more produce since this program began since we can afford more, especially since cost is higher off-season.  Fresh fruits and veggies offer so many more benefits than canned or frozen.  This is an amazing program and Sparkle has done a fantastic job spreading the message to their customers.

QuoteLinda, Youngstown, OH

The program helps me out with nutrition.  I am a diabetic, so I have to eat right.  They should have this at every store in the area.

QuoteDonna, Austintown, OH